What is EMF?

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We are a group of individuals specializing in the mitigation of EMFs or Electrosmog by using sleep sanctuaries and various EMF filtering and shielding products. Our professionals help support people, businesses, and schools in taking a step towards establishing environment-friendly habits. We help people who are affected by the harms of electric magnetic fields by bringing positive changes, along with constant support to live a healthy and better life without cutting down their access to modern technology.

At EMF Pollution Solutions, we believe EMF safety is vital for future health and happiness because of the various dangerous radiation frequencies existing in our homes and offices. Since EMFs are invisible, it takes a trained professional to correctly measure, find, and resolve the problems associated with it. At EMF Pollution Solutions, we have the resources and products you are looking for and provide personalized solutions that allow you to live in a lower EMF environment.

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How Will You Benefit?

  • Comprehensive EMF testing to locate sources producing EMF radiation
  • Reduction of EMF radiation exposure at each home or business
  • Dirty electricity filtration
  • Reduction of energy consumption
  • Reduction of damage to organs and physiology
  • Provide access to products that shield or filter EMFs and provide education regarding these dangers
  • Assist in establishing a specialized sleep sanctuary where the body can repair itself

EMF Pollution Solutions

About Us

“A Leap for a Greener and Better Future”

“We specialze in measuring and mitigating EMF radiations. Our company provides assistance and resources to people who are affected by daily exposure to electrical magnetic frequency radiations.”

At EMF Pollution Solutions, we help you take control of your personal space and environment. Our experts assist in the reduction of daily EMF exposure to you and your family with cutting-edge but straightforward solutions. We do this by relocating and or mitigating EMF sources away from living and sleeping areas. An added benefit is energy reduction.

After identifying the damaging sources of EMF radiations that affect the health of your body, we measure and document the levels to come up with a prioritized plan for mitigating EMFs in your commercial and residential buildings. Our professionals consider various options to filter and diminish the exposure to EMFs depending on the nature and locations of the sources.

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EMF Pollution Solutions


Learn more about the Electric Magnetic Field (EMF)and how its constant exposure and presence in our environment can impact mood, behavior, and neurological balance. We keep our education portal up to date with the latest research and studies around EMF and how its increasing concentration can affect our environment.

Effects of EMF on Melatonin Production

Melatonin, a natural hormone generated by the body that involves the sleep and wake cycle, has been known to be affected by EMF exposure.

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Understanding Electro and Magnetic Fields

Electric and magnetic fields are invisible lines of force that surround any electrical device.

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The Dirty Electricity Story

Dirty Electricity: Health Impacts and What You Can Do to Protect Yourself

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