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EMF Pollution Solutions specializes in the environmental and green tech industry and offers a wide range of services for commercial and residential customers, concentrated around EMF reduction. We test EMF presence in the environment and provide mitigation solutions and products designed to reduce energy consumption.

We value our customers and work hard to ensure their complete satisfaction for their environmental and service needs. Our team answers any question and provide the best, most tailored solution possible, so you never have to worry about the detrimental health affects that EMFs impacts on your loved ones. We are dedicated to helping you save on energy costs and to reduce the electromagnetic field effects from your environment.

Our company is aware that digital transformation is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives, and changing the way we live and work. We know that restricting yourself from the tangled cables is difficult, and living in an electromagnetic free environment can be challenging.  We are here to assist you in the mitigation of EMFs that affect you in your every day lives.

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About Rick

Founder of EMF Pollution Solutions

Rick is a friendly and communicative professional and provides independent EMF testing and consultancy services. Rick was accepted as a graduate student at Oklahoma State University (OSU) to work on his Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology. Rick’s original goal was to develop a clinic for cardiac rehabilitation and preventive medicine for his clients.

While working on his master’s degree program and living on a graduate student stipend of $250/month, Rick looked for another opportunity and entered the workforce in a different field of cutting tools and abrasives for the manufacturing industry. Even though he proceeded in that direction of business, Rick never lost interest in returning to the health field.

For Rick, the clinic his daughter and her husband operate provided a gateway to rediscover the medical field again. In the last few years, Rick’s daughter helped him understand Electrical Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and the danger they poses to the environment and health.

As his passion for the medical field was renewed, he decided to investigate this field of study and how it affects our environment, health, and mood.

Rick was also impacted by EMFs, and after full recovery from its adverse effects, he decided to start EMF Pollution Solutions to educate and assist the community, individuals, and businesses to adequately protect themselves from these dangers. His goal as a consultant is helping people improve the safety of their living space, which significantly contributes to their quality of life.

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