EMFs are invisible fields that result from electric voltage, as a result of electric current’s interaction with magnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields occur when the a flow of energy, is present. All of the different EMFs we are exposed to on a daily basis is also called Electrosmog.

The United States has no specific standards or safe levels for EMFs. Current EMF safety standards are deprecated and greatly influenced by the Telecom industry and do not protect you and your loved ones against overexposure to Electrosmog.

Over a hundred studies have linked EMFs to significant biological and physiological effects. The earliest studies assumed that EMFs do not affect our health because it is a “non-ionizing” type of radiation. The scientists believed that EMFs could not ionize molecules in dangerous ways similar to x-rays and nuclear fallouts. However, recent studies give completely new data that have baffled the scientists. They were surprised to discover EMFs can, indeed, cause several hazardous effects on the human body ranging from loss of energy, to heating sensitive tissues, and impacting our behavior.

It appears funding does matter. Non-industry studies show 70% harmful effects from Radio Frequencies while Industry studies show only 32% harmful effects.

While there is still controversy, research suggests that EMFs may be linked to a variety of health problems. These include various physiological problems, including leukemia, brain, and nervous system cancers, lymphoma, congenital disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression. Constant exposure to high levels of EMFs has also been associated with symptoms of nausea, headache, anxiety, fatigue, dizziness, mental confusion, sleep disturbance, seizures, and irregular changes to blood pressure and heart rate.

The most considerable EMF exposure usually comes from electrical wiring, lights, and wireless items inside the home. In particular, having your bed near the wires and electrical boards results in constant exposure to EMFs all night long.

Clocks, radios, and cordless phones near the living space can also contribute to EMF exposures. As of now, the existence of wireless computers, tablets, Wi-Fi, and other wireless devices is increasing, leading to adverse effects on our health. Many modern electronic devices such as printers and TVs now come with built in wireless capability, which often cannot be turned off. Cell tower locations are increasing and becoming a significant source of exposure.

Other common EMF sources are power lines and network towers that are increasingly taking space in residential areas. Interestingly, a reliable source of EMFs also includes automobiles —  both the standard gas engine vehicles and the new hybrid electric cars.

In the modern world, almost everyone is exposed to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). However, the actual EMF levels vary greatly depending on the situation, proximity to the source, and other factors. Unfortunately, EMFs are emitted from many different and unknown sources. Therefore, we recommend everyone measure EMF levels with the proper EMF test meters or hire a professional.

In many cases, you can rearrange beds, chairs, and couches to stay as far away as possible from the evident EMF sources such as refrigerators, televisions, wireless routers, cordless fluorescent lights, etc. We suggest you clean up the dirty electricy in your home or business, this also reduces energy consumption and create a sleeping sanctuary eliminating all sources of EMF exposure.

We suggest switching to a battery-powered alarm clock, unplugging all other power cords near your bed, putting cell phones and cordless phones in a different room, and removing all the electrical devices from your sleep space assist in reducing EMF that can be harmful.  It is also highly recommended to unplug your Wi-Fi at night,

Electromagnetic Sensitivity (ES) is a condition in which individuals report heightened sensitivity and troubling symptoms related to constant EMF exposure. The situation can sometimes be verified by removing or turning off the surrounding EMF sources or by moving the person away from the EMF radiating devices

Persons with Electromagnetic Sensitivity are negatively affected by the normal EMF levels typically present in the home or workplace. We recommend people sensitive to EMFs determine the actual EMF levels and take steps to reduce thesir long term exposure.

In 1990, scientists associated with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) leaked a draft recommending classification of EMFs as a “possible human carcinogen.” The scientists who were part of the study were concerned their findings would be withheld from the public. The EPA’s final report did not include the same wording as that of the draft, but it did state that the constant exposure to EMF “…show a consistent pattern of response that suggests a causal link with cancer.” However, to date, no official safety standards have been set by the EPA.

A professional EMF consultant assures a thorough and accurate survey has been performed on your property, and detects the devices that produce the majority of the EMFs. Professional EMF testers provides solutions and advice for reducing the levels of EMFs and how to create a sleep sanctuary.

In recent years, several national and international health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association (ORSAA),  etc. have reviewed the EMF issue and have published various reports regarding its impact on the human body. ORSAA looked at 2399 peer-reviewed papers published since the year 2000 and 61% of those showed biological effects while 26% did not.

Others have concluded that the scientific evidence is strong enough to demonstrate various health effects on our brain and behavior. Likewise In 2002, scientists with the California Department of Health Services reviewed multiple EMF research papers and wrote in their final summary: “All three of the DHS scientists present are inclined to believe that EMFs can, without a doubt, cause some degree of risk of childhood leukemia, adult brain cancer, miscarriage, and Lou Gehrig’s Disease.”

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