EMF Turtal Shielding Paint Nontoxic Shields 5G (Indoor Version)


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EMF Turtal 5G Shielding Paint (Indoor)
‘Graphene Technology’

– Latest patented graphene technology. Successfully shields against
3G, 4G, and 5G millimeter wave. Shielding properties are at the highest
level, with up to 64dB at 40 gigahertz (99.999% effective!).

– Unbeatable price/performance ratio. Nontoxic, no
chemical ingredients or solvents. Unlimited storage.

– Not temperature sensitive, does not need to be protected
from frost. Can be shipped during winter with no problems.

– Easily applied by anyone with a standard paint roller.
Simply mix the powder with water. May be stored indefinitely
(prior to mixing and use).

Introducing the latest technology in shielding paint, EMF Turtal, which will shield all the way up to and past 40 gigahertz! There are many advantages to this new shielding paint. It uses a new, patented ‘graphene’ technology. It is packaged as a ‘powder’, with unlimited storage life prior to being mixed with water. Best of all, it is nontoxic with no chemical ingredients such as antifreeze or solvents.

In contrast to the highly cost-intensive competition available on the market, EMF Turtal is available at a much more affordable price/performance ratio, and is therefore available to a wider range of customers. We rely on the new graphene technology. We are thus supplementing the market with an unbeatable product in terms of price and quality. With our product, EMF Turtal, we use the principle of shielding according to Faraday. This principle is an arrangement known as a Faraday cage and is used today in electrical engineering for shielding electrostatic fields. Thus, EMF Turtal successfully shields against 5G, WLAN and other HF and AF loads with 36dB shielding effectiveness with 1 coat to 50dB effectiveness with 2 coats, can shield up to 64dB.

We offer our product EMF Turtal – in contrast to other paints on the market – as a fine powder, which must be mixed by the customer with water. In this way, our product is many times more economical than the shielding paints offered by competitors. Thanks to our unique production process, we can offer EMF Turtal powders at a lower price and are thus able to offer an affordable shielding. EMF Turtal is provided in 2.5 and 5 liter packages, which results in spreadable shielding paint sufficient for 25 to 30 square meters, at a reasonable price. (Actual coverage for indoor use and outdoor use with vary because outdoor use is usually over rougher surfaces.)

5 liters / with 1 coat, will cover 264 square feet (25 sq yds per 5 liters)
2.5 liters / with 1 coat, will cover 132 square feet (12.5 sq yds per 2.5 liter)
EMF-Turtal requires 2 coats and as well as grounding.

Description of the EMF-Turtal 5 Liter Shielding Powder

Simply mix with 2.5 to 3 liters of water, using a stirring paddle with electric drill for 15 minutes. Always use one complete bag, as layers can be formed in the powder during transport and ingredients may separate.

Shielding Attenuation: Single layer 36dB, double layer 50 to 64dB. Up to 99.999% shielding effectiveness.

General: Our shielding paints, based on carbon materials and a new graphene technology, have many advantages:

Radio frequency pollution from mobile phones, mobile Internet, 5G, WLAN, DECT, GSM, LTE – and many more – are shielded up to 60 dB, resulting in an effectiveness of 99.999%.

Electric fields from house current (AC / alternating current) are grounded and can be fully shielded.

We recommend always painting in two coats. EMF-Turtal must be professionally grounded/earthed!

Range of application (yield): Indoors / 5 liters / with 1 coat, will cover 264 square feet (25 sq. yds. per 5 liters). 
2.5 liters / with 1 coat, will cover 132 square feet (12.5 sq. yds. per 2.5 liter). 
Paint requires 2 coats and grounding. Two coats of paint should be applied for optimal shielding effectiveness. Based upon acrylic, graphene technology, EMF Turtal is solvent-free, low odor, low emission and very quick drying. In many cases drying time is less than two hours, yet not more than six hours. This enables a complete two coat project to be completed in one day.

Substrate: Inside Excellent adhesion to almost all primed substrates as well as old paint coats, plasterboard, wallpaper, plaster, concrete, wood, etc.

Top Coat: Can preferably be painted over with plastic-bonded emulsion paints, silicate emulsion paints, facade paints or silicone resin paints. We do not recommend pure mineral paints (clay, lime, pure silicate). Specific product recommendations can be found in the technical data sheet. Due to the high adhesive tensile strength, can be used directly under purely organic plaster, no mineral plaster!

Grounding: Must be professionally grounded/earthed.

Ingredients: Binders, graphite, carbon, additives.

Technical data: VOC content: 0.2 g/l (the EU limit value for category A/a is 30 g/l from 2010). Adhesive tensile strength: 2.2 N/mm². indefinitely durable. Will store indefinitely in powder form, before being mixed.

Colour: Anthracite Grey.

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