What is EMF?

Electromagnetic fields are invisible waves produced by electrically charged objects.  There are basically 3 types of EMF and one sub-type.  They are:

  • Electric and Magnetic Fields:
    Grouped together because they almost always occur together.  They come from voltage in home wiring, any appliance or anything with an electrical cord or electrical motor.
  • Radio Frequency Fields:
    Wireless fields from cell towers, phones, WiFi, Bluetooth devices, TV, radio, etc.
  • Dirty Electricity:
    The power in our homes is often “polluted” with stray spikes or surges that are known as “dirty electricity”. It can be thought of as static on the underlying primary power signal and is thus an electric filed sub-type.

EMF radiation or toxins as described above that we are exposed to in the workplace and homes are also called Electosmog.  EMFs affect behavior and were introduced into our environment during the late 20th Century. Today, the human-made or unnatural EMFs are everywhere. We are regularly exposed to low frequency electric and magnetic fields from the various smart devices we use in our daily life. Radio frequencies are also generated from wireless internet, printers, monitors, phones, and other similar devices.

Although these frequencies are lower than the one cause by Ionizing Radiation, such as X-rays,  they have a real effect on our cells, tissues, and organs. Exposure to EMFs can build up over time and are capable of damaging our DNA and alter the way we behave, sleep, and perceive our surroundings. It can harm our mental health and is increasingly becoming a concern for doctors and therapists.

Without a doubt, standard household wiring, cables, and even the smart devices we carry in our pocket are the primary source of EMF radiation. The proliferation of electric equipment and wi-fi  in homes, business, and schools are likely to be a global epidemic as we are regularly exposed to these harmful frequencies. In simple words, EMFs are a byproduct of electricity and non-ionizing radiation that can result from human-made or natural activity.

The scientist views this field as a combination of electric and magnetic radiation, and are warning the general public of its adverse effects on the human body. It carries the energy and can influence our congenital behavior over time. EMFs travels at the speed of light and can cause permanent damage to our organs, leading to long term disability.

Although the devices we use today discharge low-frequency EMFs, they can be harmful in several ways. Electric fields are strongest when close to a charged conductor. Their strength diminishes when distanced from the source. The term Electric Magnetic Field exists because the waves include the motion of electric charges that results from magnetic fields present in the device.

Dirty electricity is being blamed for causing headaches, sleeplessness, drowsiness, and general pain. It is said to be caused by various electrical devices, such as tube lights and microwaves. It refers to the event, where the electricity present in the wires and atmosphere is transformed or corrupted from its usual state. Also, the transition of companies to manipulative electricity from a standard AC unit is causing increased emissions of dirty electricity.

Although the phenomenon is new and not widely known, research and studies show that consumers should learn about this before it becomes a global epidemic. Researchers have concluded several research papers, concentrated around electricity pollution, and have explained measures to control its effects on public health.

In contrast to ocean and plastic pollution, it is not something you can see, smell, taste, sense or touch. Hence, this makes it difficult for individuals to be aware of the presence of electrical pollution and the impact it has on them. With such an understanding, it is essential to know what causes electrical pollution and what to look for in your everyday environment.

However, the leading cause of this pollutant is mostly believed to be random spikes and surges in electromagnetic energy that travels along the power lines and then into our wirings. Yes, you can monitor it with devices, but it is hard to know when and where it will happen. The dirty electricity interferes with functioning appliances and electronic equipment, that have built-in adaptors to absorb the sudden electric spikes.

The best way to evaluate specific characteristics of the dirty electricity traveling along building wires is to use an oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. Unfortunately, these devices can be expensive and require expertise and experience to use effectively.

However, there are multiple ways to reduce your exposure to dirty electricity. One of the best ways is by installing dirty electricity filters in the area where you spend quite a lot of time. The electricity filters are easy to use and work by simply plugging them into an electrical outlet, or installing a large filter at your fuse panel.  This stops dirty electricity from entering you house from the grid.  Further, staying away from electronic appliances and keeping them away from your living area is another solution to avoid direct contact with dirty electricity and it’s effect on your body.

If you think that your behavior and mental health are affected by dirty electricity and the harmful EMF fields, it is best to consult the nearest therapist who can perform EMF testing on your body and advise you with the therapeutic procedure.

Sleep sanctuaries provide a peaceful, calm, and relaxing environment, they work as a gateway to reduce exposure to toxins and radiations from EMFs. Imagine your room as a well-funished luxury hotel that provides comfort, the way you want. Sleep sanctuaries are places that offer a relaxing and soothing sleep experience, away from all sorts of pollutions. The term is gaining attention, because of the dramatic rise in EMFs that have led to various illnesses.

Many people are surprised to learn the most common culprits in the bedrooms are lamps on night stands, even when turned off. These items continue to produce an electric field that extends 5-8 feet in every direction. Electric alarm clocks should be removed and replaced with a battery powered clock.

Studies have proven our bedroom environments affect not only our sleep but also our overall health and wellness. A sound and cozy sleeping area affect our mood and also energizes us throughout the day. Professionals assert the places we visit often help formulate neurological associations that help develop brain patterns and emotional balance.

These patterns and the environment correlate directly with the place where you sleep and help create a continuous pattern that stabilizes the mental state. Good rest in a sleep sanctuary allows your body to repair the damage done by exposure to EMFs to which our human civilization has never been accustomed. Such activities and negligence on our part push us to seek a sleeping sanctuary that creates a stable and comfortable sleeping environment, allowing us to improve our physiological health. Along with long-term benefits on health, it also reinforces our approach to our overall mood and behavior by creating a great sleep routine as well.

We at EMF Pollution Solutions recommend you determine with a body voltage meter which circuits are causing high voltage on your body and install a EMF Sleep Switch to shut down those circuits causing problems. You can then enjoy a good nights rest and your body can repair itself from the Electrosmog you are exposed to on a daily basis.

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